Sam Little Sales
The trailer specialists of middle Tennessee.
Since 1984
At Sam Little Sales you can custom order you're trailer the way you
want it. You choose from many options such as color, axles, length,
and hauling capacity. Trailers vary in sizes from 6 feet wide to 8.5 feet
wide and lengths up to 32 feet long. The available list of options are
almost endless. Or you can come on down to the store and purchase
one off the lot.
Call Monday through Saturday 8am-5pm
Office 615-642-6986
Fax     615-452-4265
1468 South
Water Ave.
Gallatin, Tn.
Office hours
Fri 9am-5pm
Sat 9am-1pm
Open car haulers available in
different sizes. Large smokers
that will hold up to 8 Boston
butts also available. Call for
Tennessee's only dealer for the
mini golf cart known as The
Crickett. Available in 24 volt and
36 volt. Colors vary so please call
for availability.
8.5'x 32' V nose trailer
5000 lbs axles
8.5'x 24' car hauler with escape
8.5'x 24' car hauler with escape
24 volt crickett
8.5'x 24' with v nose
36 volt Cricket with windshield and
top options.
7'x 16' v Nose
7'x 14' v nose with ramp.
6'x 12' flat nose and ramp.
All rights reserved sam little sales.
Master Tow car dollies.
3 models available depending on the weight
of your vehicle. Electric brakes are available.